Week's Photo #63

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This time three images are necessary to show how amazing this place is. I am not sure if you could understand me only by writing. Am I right?

The Fosso, Monte Roraima, Santa Elena de Uiarén - Venezuela

The Fosso, Monte Roraima, Santa Elena de Uiarén – Venezuela

Walking around the summit of Roraima Mountain we saw first this big hole, which just show us what was inside it when we got very closer.  And the most interesting view is from the opposite angle.



Within we found other travelers taking the bath of the day because there are no toilets or hot water on the top. To get inside we can’t just jump, it is too dangerous. Has an entry by a cave 100 meters away.  I was just in pleasure, but courage was a must need to dive in this freezing water 2.800 meters above sea level.

Transparent water

Transparent water

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  1. […] We were tired out when an indian reached us bringing the kitchen (backpacking stove, plates, silverware…) and serving delicious pasta with chicken. Well fed, I looked around and sighed “What a place!” A brook ran to a hole, only by getting closer you could see what there was inside: a great pit hole with a waterfall forming a lit pool and surrounded by unique rock formations. To get down there, the only way is to get into another hole a little farther and follow through underground galleries, wetting the feet in the freezing water. I just enjoyed the view and the courage of the travelers who had the daily bath in El Fosso. See details and more picture in the Week’s Photo #63. […]

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