Week’s Photo #127 – Leopard

by • 8 de agosto de 2014 • KENYA, MASSAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, Week's PhotoComments (1)1469

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My National Geographic moment during an African safari. And none of those heavy lenses were necessary to register the gasping leopard after its meal (note its paunch). I guess I could even get closer and it may explode if tried to attack me, but I preferred to use my 300mm lens. Around leopard were more two jeeps, besides the one I was in, with professional photographers dressed and equipped as they must be. But the situation didn’t frighten me and I really like de result, don’t you?

My camera was a Canon Rebel t3i and a 100-300 mm lens.

Leopardo em Maasai Mara - Quênia

Leopard at Maasai Mara – Kenya

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