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If I had had more time and money, I would have been to Bolivia and visited Copacabana, other islands of Titicaca and La Paz, which are near. I would also have spent more time in Cusco and would have been to Huaraz, the place for those who enjoy extreme sports. I have heard many cool stories from people who have been there.

The most important tip is: haggle! When taking a taxi, choosing a package tour, going shopping and eating out. They start with prices for European tourists and then ask how much you want to pay. I did not think the weather would change so suddenly, neither that the sun would be so hot this time of the year (May). I regretted not taking shorts and bathing suits – I did not find these clothes to buy in Peru. I only used my Visa Travel Money card in Lima, in other cities it was only accepted in expensive places; I should have taken dollars. From one state to another I traveled by coach with ORMEÑO and JUSAL, very good. Before traveling I heard terrible things about safety in Peru, but I felt very safe during the whole trip. Of course, I was as careful as I am where I live.

Peruvian kids from Arequipa
Peruvian kids from Arequipa


Accommodation – LOKI HOSTAL, Miraflores. Full of young backpackers from all over the world. There is a community kitchen and a lounge where people hang out and arrange parties and trips. It was the best place to stay, in the city centre.

KONTIKI HOSTAL, Miraflores. Very good, but it looks like a hotel, not a hostel.

Shopping – do not buy anything in Lima, it is much more expensive.



Accommodation – HOTEL COLONY PALACE – well located and has a nice garden.

Restaurants – CHEZ MAGGY (pizza) and SABORES DEL INCA (tourist menu)

Tour Agency – EL DORADO – I went to Vale Sagrado and Trilha Inca Salcantay with them. I got a great deal by haggling and everything was better than expected.

Nightlife – NORTON PUB and MAMA AMÉRICA , at Plaza de Armas.



Restaurant – HUANCHACO, the Titicaca trout is wonderful.



Accommodation – HOSTAL VERONA – simple, safe and affordable. Two blocks from Plaza de Armas.

Tour agency – ROYAL TRIPS – they take you to Canyon Cólca and it was all tranquil.

Shopping – this is the place – silver jewelry, handicraft and alpaca wool clothing are very cheap.



Accommodation – Yanahuara District – HOSTAL CASA DE ANITA – at Plaza de Armas, very cozy.

Translated by Lúcia Maciel
English teacher

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