The thrill of Iguassu River

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One of the tours I most enjoyed on the Brazilian side of the Falls was “Poço Preto Trail”, an ecologist-guided safari with river bathing included. Spirit of adventure is a basic requirement, and you should not be afraid of water so you can make the most of it.
Transportation by bike

Transportation by bike

Transportation in the trail

Transportation in the trail

You can do this 9-kilometer trail on foot, by bike or tour-cart, and a guide will explain all about the local diversity. It ends on the river banks where we take a boat towards Poço Preto – a 23-meter-deep geological fault. Eventually we enter Argentina and spot some baby herons, alligators and butterflies, which were everywhere.

Happiness and adrenaline

Happiness and adrenaline

The highlight was to paddle an inflatable kayak and be only 4 km away from The Devil´s Throat (Garganta del Diablo)! The river was quiet, but it was difficult to be in a straight line – we had to paddle really hard to avoid going in circles. A real team work, my friend Gleiber and I got the hang of it and paddled all the way (1,5 km) – with the support boat always with us. The engine makes kind of a fountain and gets everyone wet. You can swim in some places, but we only had time for a quick dive.



Soaking wet and with a smile on our faces, we came back through Bananeira Trail – 1,6 km and we got to the road to catch the bus that would take us to the other attractions of the park.

Animal tracks on Bananeira Trail

Animal tracks on Bananeira Trail


Map detail

Map detail

The trail is inside IGUASSU NATIONAL PARK, which is open from 9 am to 5 pm. Download the map.

Agency: MACUCO ECOAVENTURA – you can buy the tour at the Visitors Center or with Loumar Tourism. Daily departures at 9:30, 12 and 2pm for R$ 130,00.

Walk in silence and enjoy the view, you may be lucky to find coatis, jaguars, pumas and many other wild animals.

Remember to take water and repellent.

Choose to do the trail on foot – it takes about 4h but you enjoy the nature more. We had little time and, unfortunately, used the tour cart most of the way.

Sponsored trip.

Translated by Lúcia Maciel
English teacher

© All rights reserved. Pictures and report 100% originals. Pictures on the post and video are from Roberta MartinsGleiber OliveiraMaurício Oliveira and Vivian Dornelles.

Bloggers at Iguassu River

Bloggers at Iguassu River

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