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One of the most amazing things I have ever done. I overcame my limits and experienced what had never crossed my mind. I was in excellent shape, a little afraid of getting sick because of the sudden changes of temperature, but everything was fine. I thought I would lose weight but I burned all the calories from the Peruvian food – which I just loved. The cook who took part in the trail with us was a very imaginative chef.

Hot in the beginning
Hot in the beginning

Along these 5 days, we walked 56 km in all kinds of climate, vegetation and landscape. Within one hour the weather would change drastically. At dawn and in the early morning we had temperatures below zero, and 30°C when the sun came out – then it would get cold and foggy, and later on the sun would come back and it was hot again. I got rain, cold, frost and hot weather on the same day. We had a small but fun group: 2 Canadians, 2 guys from São Paulo, the cook, the assistant, the horseman and Fredy, the friendly Peruvian tour guide. In the beginning Vanessa and I were a little behind, with heavy backpacks on while everyone else had a horse to carry their stuff (of course we got one too). Everybody was either a marathon runner or had already done trails like this one in several places in the world (and they said that Salcantay was the most beautiful of all).

The whole group
The whole group


About the walking stick, some claimed it was necessary, while others said it was useless. I ended up buying one and did not regret it; I avoided twisting my ankle and hurting my knee, it helped me keep the balance when walking on rocky ground, waterfalls and slopes.[/box]

Wayna Picchu in the back
Wayna Picchu in the back

Translated by Lúcia Maciel
English teacher
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