The canyons in Cambará do Sul

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Cambará is a modest little town in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, with lovely inns and pleasant restaurants where you can eat delicious homemade food. I got to know everything I wanted in just a weekend.



On Saturday I went to ITAIMBEZINHO early in the morning, to avoid the fog. Not that a misty view is bad; in fact, it is quite interesting to watch the fog rising from the canyons and invading all around me – but without it the visibility is better. This is a splendid place; it seems that someone cut a huge slice of 800m depth with a knife.

On the second day I went to FORTALEZA, which in my opinion is more beautiful,  you can see the ocean and the view is greener.

There is no need for a guided tour in these canyons, it is a simple hiking. However, do not risk doing the trail alone down there, if it starts raining the river comes up quickly and there is no place to hide.

Canyon Fortaleza

Canyon Fortaleza

Go by car or join an excursion, the canyons are a few kilometers away on sandy roads.
Where to stayPÔR-DO-SOL Inn – approved.

Everything is closed on Sundays, no place open to eat.

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English teacher

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