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Poço Azul is a must for those visiting Chapada Diamantina. A crystal water-filled cave where it is possible to see the rocky bottom, even at 16m deep. After a 6-day trekking in Chapada, a swim in the cave was in store for us on our last day. It could not have been better, the best way to end our adventure. We felt like we were in another world, it was hard to believe the beauty before our eyes.

16m deep and clear waters
16m deep and clear waters

We were lucky to get inside close to midday, exactly when the sun rays shine through a crack on the cave, giving a fascinating bluish color to everything.

Each group of 12 people or so can stay about 25 minutes in the cave. On that particular day there was no group to go inside after us, so our fun lasted much longer.

When you go for a swim you must not shout, silence is required there. Sudden movements under water are not allowed either, that is why we were given life jackets to float only; all this to preserve the place where fossils of pre-historic animals have been found.

Sunbeam gives a blue hue
Sunbeam gives a blue hue

This paleontological site was discovered in 1995, when divers found the skull of a giant sloth. From that moment on, a team of over 30 people got together and recorded a documentary. They retrieved from the water a complete skeleton of a giant sloth that lived in America about 11 thousand years ago. The animal was 6-meter long and weighed around 5 tons. At the hotel we watched the documentary “The mistery of Poço Azul”, by Tulio Schargel and Mauricio Dias, produced by Mixer.

Fun and pictures under water
Fun and pictures under water

The cave is 80 m long with two 20 mcaves inside, where fossils of 14 different species have already been found. People can only float in the front part and they cannot dive deep.

The cave is in a farm, where there is a restaurant and a restroom. You walk a few meters and go down a stair until you reach a pier built inside the cave; there you are given the life jackets and the goggles.

Access to Poço Azul
Access to Poço Azul


April to December is the best time, when the sun shines directly on the water.

How to get there: Itaetê road, km 47 – Andaraí.

The cave is not inside the National Park area, you need to pay an entrance fee to visit it.

There you can rent life jackets, goggles and snorkels.

Phone number 55753345-2156[/box]

Translated by Lúcia Maciel
English teacher

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