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Whoever goes to the observation decks in João Fernandes, passes by a shop-window that grabs your attention. There are decoration items with marine or beer theme, miniatures and spirit bottles. Hard not to look or buy. Next to them, life-size images of pirates, a wooden door and the sign Bebentuário (Drinktuary). I kept thinking… what is a Bebentuário?

Bebentuário’s facade
Bebentuário’s facade

Behind that door, a corridor takes you to the back of the house, while another door opens to a room with dimmed lights, full of oak barrels. Then comes the friendly Cassiano, explaining that there are 21 and 31-year-old spirits (cachaças). He receives the pure distilled sugar cane juice and puts it in the barrels, which came straight from Scotland, to get the golden color.

Wall decoration
Wall decoration

The older ones stay locked to keep aging, but he offers a taste from the 21-year-old spirit. I asked for just a little bit and was immediately sorry, it is a smooth drink that goes down your throat without burning. I have always liked fruity spirits, but I just loved it and will start paying attention to the age of the spirit before saying I do not like it.

Production of the chocolate liqueur
Production of the chocolate liqueur

In the next room, glass bottles containing brown liquid fill up the shelves. It is the delicious chocolate liqueur, formed by drops that fall from coffee filters for 15 days. Each bottle has its own filter with a chocolate mixture, secret ingredients (family recipe) and the spirit. A wonderful chocolate mousse with high alcoholic content comes out of the filter.

The Bebentuário is only for tasting, the best place for a drink is at the Inn or after the trip, at home. I have mine.

Drinks for sale
Drinks for sale


Location: 13 Street, João Fernandes, Búzios – RJ. Open every day at business hours.

The visit and tasting are free of charge. To enter, talk to the store assistant.

The products are only sold there. Today there are 2 kinds of spirits, the liqueur and the mousse. The beverages come in several sizes.


Translated by Lúcia Maciel
English teacher
© All rights reserved. Pictures and report 100% originals. Photos by Leandro Gabrieli.
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