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A tribute to adventurous hikers who didn’t bother while waiting hours for another transportation when our bus caught fire in the middle of a wilderness road in Patagonia. On the contrary, we went to explore the place and have fun. In detail, there are 4 generations in this picture all of them with the same youthful spirit and very happy.

Driving to Chicama at the midway. The path is a moonscape desert, sometimes some vegetation, high mountains touching the clouds with lots of rocks and boulders. The mountains close to the roads have big stones that can’t roll, because there is no rain, wind or storms in this place.

On our last day in Calafate – Argentinian Patagonia, we were granted with a shepherd leading his herd of sheep. Although this may be an ordinary scene, it was amazing. We were impressed to see 3 thousand sheep guided by beautiful dogs, taking the herd from the road to the top of the hill in just a few minutes. We felt like staring at a sea of sheep.

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