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Aparados da Serra


Not a beach nor big, but it is a must-do to explore the real canyons. We left to enter the huge clefts on the most exuberant walls in Brazil, at Serra Geral and Aparados da Serra Parks.

Now comes the most awaited moment in Adventure Bloggers – the trail inside the canyon of Itaimbezinho, in Aparados da Serra National Park. The adventure had been on my wishing list for ages, and in December I finally entered the huge crack and saw the slopes upwards.

This picture was taken to celebrate the end of CMC’s course, which happened in Serra Geral National Park and Aparados da Serra National Park. It was unforgettable because the fog only took 20 minutes, started around 6 AM in Canyon Malacara and then the weather got cloudy the rest of the day.

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