Surreal Figueres

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A two-hour train ride from Barcelona, the main attraction is the DALI MUSEUM, Salvador Dali’s hometown. I just loved it! I already liked him, now I appreciate his work even more. I saw creative, unexpected and interactive piece of art. Few things had explanation; he was so out of this world that it could not be explained, you just felt it.

Inside the museum

Inside the museum

I am used to visiting art expositions, many times I see original and interesting things, but after going to this museum I realized that a lot of creative work has Dali as a reference.

About traveling by train in Europe, the views in Catalonia are much more beautiful than Madrid, a lot of green areas and beaches, although there is much humidity and you always feel hotter or colder than it really is.

Translated by Lúcia Maciel
English teacher

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