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Hi! Welcome and enjoy your journey here at Territórios. My name is Roberta and I have a lot of inspirations and tips to share. I am a travel guide, travel writer and photographer who loves the experience of living the world since my childhood.



Inhotim is where art and nature are in unique relation. An outdoor museum with more than 500 works of art and a botanic garden sharing the same space. It is a great place to spend the day, relax and admire works of art and observe nature. This Picture was taken while I was resting in a lake.


Imagine a huge garden designed by a landscaper, around lakes and groves. Add work of art from renowned artists interacting with this view and in harmony with the environment. Now insert constructions, completely integrated with nature, with art galleries, pubs and restaurants full of art from contemporary artists. And last but not least, imagine land or rock trails in the middle of the groves and gardens, connecting the spaces. This is INHOTIM, the coolest museum I have ever been to in Brazil and perhaps the most pleasant in the world.

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Seeing the skyline in a city of over 12 million people do not seem like an easy task. But I guarantee amazing scenarios and much greener than you might have imagined when thinking of the view in São Paulo.

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The capital of Espírito Santo was the destination, and as I also wanted to enjoy the beaches, I ended up in the neighbour city Vila Velha – in Costa Beach, to be more specific. It is considered the best one by friends and travel blogs.

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