New Year’s in London

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Spending New Year’s in London demanded a little bit of sacrifice, hours waiting, freezing cold, but all worthwhile. About 5 minutes of show which seemed to be more, the fireworks covering the sky as far as I could see, lots of lights, music and the Big Ben announcing 2010.

Big Ben announcing New Year’s, London and fireworks

Big Ben announcing New Year’s, London and fireworks

The 150 years of Big Ben

The 150 years of Big Ben

Strangely enough, it snowed after the end of the show, and only in that area. It was over soon. I believe that the heat from the fireworks caused that reaction in the clouds, or perhaps it was pure magic. We had to be at the bridge before 9pm or accesses would be closed, and people started to crowd, drinking their hot beverages. Many of them were hugging and having fun, not much different from Brazil – despite the fact that it ended early, everyone went to some private party or home to sleep. I was impressed with the organization, lots of chemical bathrooms and workers were cleaning up the city right after the event, there was no evidence of a party the next day.

The policemen were so friendly, different from the grumpy British I had in mind. They talked to everyone, posed for pictures, smiled and wore that traditional uniform. A tourist attraction!

We tried to follow the LONDON NEW YEAR PARADE (always on Jan 1st), but there were too many people and I could not see anything. We took a walk around the River Thames again to take pictures of places under the sunlight, it counted as a whole new tour.

Thames river

Thames river


Accommodation – PICKWICK HALL, a hostel for only €28/person. We got a double room and the bathroom was on the hall, for everyone on that floor. The shower was hot for seconds, but the rest was fine. Microwave and sink in the room, internet, breakfast and community kitchen. Typical London building.


Translated by Lúcia Maciel
English teacher

© All rights reserved. Pictures and report 100% originals. Photos by Adrien Bernhard and Roberta Martins

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