Mount Roraima best pics

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I just organized all best photos on this gallery. We did two expeditions on december/january 2012 and 2013. See an interactive map with the places we’ve been and some links to related articles bellow. Inspire yourself!

Mount Roraima Expedition

To see the endemic flowers in the summit read the article Pre-historic gardens

To read about day by day of Mount Roraima Expedition starts  here.

See how I prepared my body for this trail.

The points on map shows the places where we’ve been during 90 kilometers of hiking.

See Expedição Monte Roraima bigger.

Carry the complete information about the Expedition Mount Roraima on your ipad. Download it for free at App Store or pdfLeve toda a informação sobre a Expedição compilada no seu ipad ou baixe a versão em pdf, ambos grátis.


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