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Hi! Welcome and enjoy your journey here at Territórios. My name is Roberta and I have a lot of inspiration and tips to share. I am a travel guide, travel writer and photographer who loves the experience of living the world since my childhood.


A visual brief from the cultural immersion in Milano, Veneto and Emilia Romagna in autumn. We visit fifteen cities, we made new friends, we did discoveries and we ate too much italian food. Watch the video to preview the content will come next.

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Paris is the most expensive and touristic city I have ever known. Full of Brazilians and people from all over the world. I spent 6 days there and enjoyed it to the fullest, but it was not enough to know everything I wanted.

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The most beautiful place in the world to be in springtime is in Netherlands between April and June. The tulips field of Keukenhof stays like this – colorful.


Spending New Year’s in London demanded a little bit of sacrifice, hours waiting, freezing cold, but all worthwhile. About 5 minutes of show which seemed to be more, the fireworks covering the sky as far as I could see, lots of lights, music and the Big Ben announcing 2010.


I escorted my grandma, who was 78 at the time, with a group of Catholic elder ladies and an Italian priest on an excursion to Fátima. It was quite odd, I only recommend it for the really devoted ones. But it was fine, for after 5 days the group came back to Brazil, we paid a fine and spent a couple more days traveling around other cities. Eventually, grandma confessed she had her dream come true, but that the following days had been the most fun.


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