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Hi! Welcome and enjoy your journey here at Territórios. My name is Roberta and I have a lot of inspiration and tips to share. I am a travel guide, travel writer and photographer who loves the experience of living the world since my childhood.

Where to go in Europe

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Traveling by train in France is more expensive than in other countries, that is why we chose to do it by car. This way, we had the chance to see the roads, pass by cities and towns, take pictures from inside the car and have freedom to come and go as we pleased.

Maybe I found the smallest beach in the world in Cadaques, Spain. The clear iced waters from the mediterranean at Cap de Creus National Park provide beautiful landscapes. As known by Salvador Dali and the queen Isabel. The painter was born in the region and the majesty had spent her vacations on a beach house dated from 1853.

Organize your trip

Cold, humid days and soft rain. Typical London winter. A good warm coat with a hood played the trick, and the rain did not stop me. There were moments in which I thought I was in a suspense movie, the city is full of alleys, bridges, dead-end streets that give you that creepy feeling.


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