Diving in Paraty

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One of the most beautiful tours in this historical city is a schooner ride on Paraty Bay. Turtles, colored fish, exuberating green areas, warm and clear water are part of the package. Some say the water temperature is usually colder, but for me it was perfect. We took the opportunity to take many pictures and go scuba diving.
Taking pictures under water was great fun

Taking pictures under water was great fun

It was five hours sailing, a singer singing and playing the guitar along the tranquility of the sea. We passed by islands with wonderful houses (of famous people) and stopped four times in idyllic beaches or diving areas. In every stop everybody jumped into the water – a smaller boat would be more pleasant, but it was totally worthwhile enjoying the sea and the view.

Passing by the islands

Passing by the islands


Schooner between the islands

Schooner between the islands

Several travel agencies offer this tour, but I hired ESTRELA DA MANHà– daily departures between 10 and 11am, R$35/person. If you are in a group, you may rent a boat and choose what to visit.

On the double-deck schooner the second floor offers a better view and has fewer people, so arrive early and grab a seat. Do not forget the hat and sunscreen; you have nowhere to hide from the sun.

Lunch is served at one of the stops, which is bad because people take a break from enjoying the sea, eat a lot and get lazy. A smart choice was asking for fish sticks instead of the dishes. It comes faster and you can dive a little, eat and go back into the sea, without getting sick from eating too much. The fish was delicious, but be careful with the lemon! They offer tropical fruits that run out quickly – the rest is paid, but it is all affordable.

If you do not want to swim to the beaches, you can take a boat. I recommend diving: take the swim noodles to avoid getting tired and have fun. Bring your own snorkel and goggles.

Heading to the port of Paraty in the evening

Heading to the port of Paraty in the evening

Translated by Lúcia Maciel
English teacher
Contact: luciamaciel@territorios.com.br

© All rights reserved. Pictures and report 100% originals. Pictures from Roberta Martins and Leandro Gabrieli.

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