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Shanghai is the true heart of China, being the biggest and most developed city of the Asian giant with more than 23 million people. Small and irrelevant until the Opium War, Shanghai has been through ups and downs under Chinese history until 1990, when it started to reborn from the ashes. This is one of the post card pictures of the city and most famous views showing the neighborhood of Pudong which 20 years ago was nothing but rural undeveloped area. Today there’s the tallest China’s skyscraper, and the 3rd in the whole world. Shanghai reflects the speed and the intensity of the undergoing changes in Chinese society.

Xangai, close to Hong Kong, is the most occidental and commercial city in China, being the main port of the country. High and night illuminated buildings are a characteristic from the local architecture. To support the energy demand on city, the electricity comes from the rural regions to the urban centers, say some Chinese. Besides most Chinese don’t speak English, calls attention their sympathy and we can communicate with them through gestures or basic words such as food, beer e best price.

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