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The largest and greenest state in Brazil has always been a dream and finally an opportunity came up in June. Amazonastur took advantage of Parintins Folklore Festival to organize a press trip with bloggers, and Territórios was on the guest list.

In September, I spent a week in Tocantins for the Adventure Bloggers Jalapão. It was just what I expected, but better: I found comfort I did not think of and friends in total sync. I already knew the bloggers and the trip brought us even closer; Mauro, the guide, and all the team in Korubo were exceptional and I already miss them and the new traveling friends we made there.

A visual brief from the cultural immersion in Milano, Veneto and Emilia Romagna in autumn. We visit fifteen cities, we made new friends, we did discoveries and we ate too much italian food. Watch the video to preview the content will come next.

Capixaba pie, fish pirão*, capixaba moqueca** and crab are some of the best experiences in Vitória; an island full of mangroves and famous for the best clay pot in Brazil could only be an excellent destination to eat seafood.

People say that the secret of the famous moqueca* and pie from Espírito Santo lies in the pot they are cooked in – the one made of clay by the Pot Makers of Goiabeiras: an original handicraft recognized and registered as Brazilian Cultural Heritage.

One of the most beautiful tours in this historical city is a schooner ride on Paraty Bay. Turtles, colored fish, exuberating green areas, warm and clear water are part of the package. Some say the water temperature is usually colder, but for me it was perfect. We took the opportunity to take many pictures and go scuba diving.

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