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Seven years ago I finished the preparations for the journey that would inspire the creation of this website. The main goal was visit Macchu Picchu, the Inca’s city that instigates even the less curious person. How did they carry all those rocks and do such perfects constructions on that altitude? There are answers for all faiths, although what really matters is to be there and fell the energy.

Among the most beautiful landscapes I have ever meet, the mountains between Cusco and Machu Picchu are on my top list. Places like this picture only who walk miles away with altitude ranging from 2 to 4.6 meters high can appreciate. In the up’s and downs It took my breath away for 2 reasons: beauty and the air missing.

Driving to Chicama at the midway. The path is a moonscape desert, sometimes some vegetation, high mountains touching the clouds with lots of rocks and boulders. The mountains close to the roads have big stones that can’t roll, because there is no rain, wind or storms in this place.

After almost 3 days walking and no shower at all, we found a waterfall with hot volcanic water. Perfect to relax and renew our energies, we still had 2 days ahead of us. In the pic, the Peruvian guide who led the way, he does it every week.

The most important tip in Peru is: haggle! When taking a taxi, choosing a package tour, going shopping and eating out. They start with prices for European tourists and then ask how much you want to pay. I did not think the weather would change so suddenly, neither that the sun would be so hot this time of the year (May).

We bought a tour package for Valle Del Colca, 150 km north of Arequipa. We spent 2 days with people from several nationalities. The goal was to visit the famous canyon, but everything else amazed me: the culture is so different from the rest of the country and the view is spectacular.

Arequipa takes this name due to its walls with white volcanic stones. It is surrounded by the volcanos Chachanni, Misti and Pichu Pichu – some of the 80 existent in the area. In the center of the city there is the most beautiful PLAZA DE ARMAS I have ever seen in Peru, a big cathedral and volcanos framed in snow.

Islands in Lake TITICACA (navigable lake with the highest altitude in the world, 3827m), made of totora reeds. Very old communities live there and use totora as food, house, boats and handicrafts. The funny thing is that when families have an argument, they draw an imaginary line on the island and each group stays on one half.

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