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My hometown, Pelotas, is very proud of its history and preserves the heritage by transforming it into tourist and cultural attractions. In March I had the chance to see a little of this history from a new angle, a pleasant boat ride on Arroio Pelotas.

A sunny Sunday afternoon is an invitation to go for a walk at Coronel Pedro Osório Square, in the centre of Pelotas. The main attraction is Fonte das Nereidas (water fountain), bought by the Hydraulic Company at an auction in Paris and brought to provide water to the population at the time. Installed by the end of the 19th century and restored in June 2003, it has four Nereids (sea goddesses from Greek mythology on horses). Take your chimarrão and dog, meet friends and have fun. Besides the fountain, it is worthwhile paying attention to the centennial trees and buildings around the square, historical houses that are part of the city culture.

Pelotas is a cultural traditional city in southern of Brazil. With its old houses and spaces that promote the art and history. It is also home of performances that became known in all the country – the presentations from the Tholl Group. It took some time, but finally I registered a beautiful detail from this wonderful show.

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