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About 25 km, 5 different trails in 3 days in Urubici. If we had more time we would have done more, the city has 82 waterfalls and is investing on tourism. Lots of water, fresh air, plantations, hills, rocks, ups and downs. The group was great, fun people of different ages and professions sharing the passion for nature and hiking.

Around 5:30pm, tourists and local people climb 30m to be on top of Duna do Pôr-do-Sol to watch the sun plunge into the ocean. It is very beautiful, all the spectators applauding and cheering in the end. Something admired not only by human beings…

Farol de Santa Marta is a small piece of land that joins the sea. It is difficult to get there, but it’s worthwhile. It may be a nostalgic place for some Brazilians.

Whoever goes to Foz do Iguaçu has the opportunity to visit 3 countries in one day or in three – like I did. When the rivers Iguaçu and Paraná meet it is possible to see the Brazilian, Argentinean and Paraguayan flags, each one in its own country. My main reason for going there was to see the waterfalls and the nature. As we had little time, we chose for a package tour. We set off at PARQUE DAS AVES – really interesting, you can get inside the huge cages, close enough to the animals. And, with (good or bad) luck, they can land on your arms. Most pictures I took from inside the cages.

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