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About one-hour flight away from Mexico City, Aguascalientes, capital of the smallest state in the country has much more than what the name suggests. The origin dates back almost 500 years ago with the discovery of hot springs and reserves of gold and silver. If nowadays the hot springs are no longer a tourist attraction, the city still counts on its architecture, its people with sweet accent and the typical food, some of the main things that travelers look for. Another attraction is Feria de San Marcos, the largest agro-industrial and folklore fair in Mexico.

Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption

Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption

From the beautiful churches to the restored streets and buildings, Aguascalientes is a travel in time. With an architecture influenced by Baroque, Neoclassical and Art Nouveau, the historical center preserves the same low buildings from past centuries. In fact, in this city of about a million inhabitants, most buildings have up to three floors.

Government Palace, in the Historical Center

Government Palace, in the Historical Center

How to get there: AEROMEXICO, a small Embraer airplane straight from Mexico City. About U$ 350,00 the round-trip ticket. There are also several roads leading to Aguascalientes. Route 45 takes you to the capital, 504km away.

Where to stay: You find hotels for all kinds of budget in Aguascalientes. MARRIOT (Blvd. Aguascalientes-Zac, no number Trojes de Alonso), has good location next to a shopping mall and restaurants. There are cheaper options, like IBIS AGUASCALIENTES NORTE, practically across the Marriot.

Shopping: A complex of shopping malls, but the best purchase is in the historical center, mainly the handicrafts and the souvenirs. Take a walk and enjoy the special offers.

The MEXICAN PESO is the official currency, and with R$ 1,00 you can buy about $ 6 MXN. Exchange your money in Brazil, for it is difficult to find the Brazilian currency in town. As for dollars, US$ 1 = $ 10 MXN. A meal for one person is about 50 pesos (5 dollars).
Aguascalientes is considered to be one of the last safe resorts in Mexico. Even so, watch your bag when walking around.
SAFETY is an important item in Mexico. Do not feel weird if you are asked to open up your bag in the airport.

Venustiano Carranza St.

Venustiano Carranza St.

Translated by Lúcia Maciel
English teacher

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